Networks Solutions is a unique hosting provider that takes an a la carte approach to web hosting. While many of its competitors offer fixed hosting packages with limited flexibility, Network Solutions allows you to select a hosting plan and supplementary add-ons and features to build your own hosting plan that’s as customized as it is comprehensive.

Network Solutions has three different hosting packages and, as mentioned above, each one can be customized by adding additional services or products. The service also provides different types of hosting, including Windows and Unix hosting, as well as VPS (dedicated) hosting and WordPress hosting for blogs.

We like the service’s flexibility to pick and choose which services you want, but what is provided in any given plan doesn’t amount to much, particularly when compared to the other web hosting services we reviewed. Disk space, FTP accounts and email boxes are capped under the small and large plans. These components are unlimited, however, under the service’s premium plan. Most disappointingly, each plan, including the premium package, only comes with one domain.

Network Solutions does offer most of the features we were looking for, including a control panel, access to site statistics and an easy-to-use site builder that can help you create polished, professional-looking websites. The web hosting service also provides robust email features and raw access logs that allow you to see raw site data without charts or graphs.

This service scores well in terms of ease of use. Its site is polished, well-organized and easy to navigate. We were also able to easily manage our web hosting account without any issues. The Web Hosting Toolbox provides access to all the hosting tools, features and options provided under your selected package. The tools are broken up into relevant categories (e.g., site enhancements, FTP and content publishing, etc.) and have useful icons and descriptions to help you quickly find and understand each one.

The area Network Solutions outshines the competition is help and support. Whether you have a sales question or need direct technical support, Network Solutions provides several support options including an online ticket system, toll-free telephone support and email support. In fact, the company provides both sales and support toll-free numbers for every product or service they offer. Technical support is available 24/7, and the reps we spoke with were helpful, informative and friendly.

Network Solutions Summary:

Network Solutions is clearly not without a few drawbacks; its premium package isn’t really unlimited when it comes to domains. That being said, the web hosting provider helps compensate for its deficiencies with impressive help and support options, unparalleled package flexibility and intuitive ease of use. Additionally, Network Solutions offers one of the largest collections of services of any web hosting provider we came across. Having such a wide breadth of services is advantageous, but utilizing some of them is likely to come at a price.


Network Solutions

The service provides highly responsive technical support.

All plans only come with one domain.

The Verdict:

Network Solutions provides flexible web hosting that is easy to use and supplemented with responsive support.